Quality control laboratories play an important role in the products’ quality assurance system. The specialized scientists of CHB Group have the latest technology and equipment to enable them to conduct integrated chemical and microbiological tests on the company’s products. In addition, Statistical Process Control ensures the constant quality of products, according to the industry standards and specifications.

Quality Control

Quality Control is performed at all stages of the production and delivery process in order to ensure final product quality. It begins with the inflow of fruit into the plants and continues through all the stages of processing, storage and finally delivery of the end product to the customer.

Certifications - the Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

The company complies with the ISO22000:2005 standard. CHB Group is a member of the SGF/IRMA organization and juices are produced in accordance with AIJN standard code. Kosher and Halal Certificates are available upon request. Furthermore, products for baby foods are certified by certain authorized laboratories.

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The CHB Group always pays particular attention to innovation and has an ultramodern Research and Development Department, established by skilled scientists (chemists, agriculturists, chemical engineers, food technicians, biologists, etc.) who are responsible for the development of all new blends and juice bases, flavours and fruit preparations. The CHB Group has two different R&D teams: one specializing in juices, compounds and blends and the other solely for fruit preparation products.


The Research and Development team collaborates with an extensive network of universities and businesses worldwide, in an effort to generate new ideas and innovative products.

Taste Tests

The aim of the CHB Group is to produce healthy products of high quality that will stand out, not only for their high nutritional value but also for their unique taste. Before these products reach the consumer, they are continuously subjected to detailed and strict checks by the scientific staff of our Quality Control Department, in order to ensure consistent and optimum quality.