The Engraved Peach project with the title "Study of the effect of laser on fruit quality in order to create an innovative engraving technique on the fruit surface and maintaining the marking for a long period", with an initial duration of 18 months and a further extension of 10 months due to the coronavirus pandemic consequences and other exceptional circumstances, has been approved by the Decision No 2131/12.05.2020 of EYDE ETAK, in the framework of the Single RTDI State Action for Research, Technological Development and Innovation "Research-Create-Innovate B' Cycle" of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" with the co- financing of National (NSRF 2014-2020) and Community resources (European Union - European Regional Development Fund).

The aim of the project is the application of low-energy CO2 laser in the industry with the main objective the creation of innovative engraved peaches focusing on canned peaches. The innovative engraving technique, which until now has been used for labeling fruits and vegetables with the expiry date or with a code to avoid the use of plastic labels, will be modified and used to create a label or a logo on canned peaches.

Furthermore, the project aims to increase the added value of canned peaches, to stimulate the Greek canning industry and to patent the technical know-how, expertise and innovation.

Participating Entities: foodstandard S.A., VITOM S.A.