CHB is located in Agia Triada, Nafplio, in the heart of citrus fruit production and has the ability to process over 100.000 tonnes of fruit, annually. The plant facilities use the latest FMC extractors and include the main production lines, as well as a separate fruit preparation and production areas.

The plant is equipped with refrigerated storage areas for citrus fruits juices (concentrates or not) and with dry storage areas. The production plant is 20.000 square meters in size located on 90.000 square meters of privately–owned property.

Artfruit belongs to the company and operates in the production and distribution of fruit preparations for dairy products, ice cream and bakery products. Artfruit is based in Nafplio at the company’s facilities.




It is located in Koufalia, Thessaloniki, in the heart of the peach and apple growing areas and has the ability to process around 100.000 tonnes of fruit annually. Its main activity is the production and distribution of canned fruit, fruit purees, diced fruits and concentrated fruit juices.

It has special mechanical bottling equipment for several types of fruit (Tetra Pak and PET) packaging and has all the necessary certificates for the bottling of organic juices.

The production plant is 18.000 square meters in size located on 80.000 square meters of privately-owned property.