CHB’s first corporate venture was in 1955, with the export of Greek fresh fruit, mostly citrus, to Europe. Since then it has had a constant presence and has managed to become one of the world’s leading companies in the fruit processing industry.


  • 1955 CHB started its first business activity, the export of Greek Fresh Fruits, especially citrus fruits in Europe.
  • 1970 The company produced concentrated citrus juices, while in the same decade began the production of fruit purees from peach, apricot, pear as well as the production of grape juice.
  • 2003 -The next generation of Christodoulou brothers takes over management. Production techniques evolve and new products are introduced including juices from Kiwi, Cherry and Plum.
    -The range of products grows as the production of fruit preparation products, which are used primarily by dairy industries, begins.
  • 2004 The J. Christodoulou family acquires VITOM S.A., which for many years specialized in the production of canned fruits. This acquisition makes it one of the largest producers worldwide, and thus the capacity of the company is doubled. The same year the production of peach cubes in aseptic bags begins.
  • 2005 Aseptic orange cells and apple juice concentrate further expand CHB’s product range.
  • 2007 -CHB develops two new business activities; the juice bottling venture offers its customers the installation of 2 production lines for Tetra Pak as well as the production of juice bases and mixtures.
    -Three new products are added: apricot pulp (apricot pieces in aseptic packaging), and apricot and peach concentrated juice (clarified).
  • 2008 A new line for PET bottle section is installed and a new independent production unit for fruit preparation products is created.
  • 2009 -The production of tea extracts (black and green), the production of natural flavors (FTNF) as well as the production of pomegranate juice begin.
    -The company undertakes the standardization of organic juice products for private label.
  • 2010 -The production of organic orange and lemon juice and their sub-products begin.
    -Complete renovation of the company’s building facilities is held and an investment is made ​​for a new warehouse space of over 3.000 tonnes for non-concentrated juices (NFC).
    -A trial production begins of canned peaches (compote) in glass jars.
  • 2011 -A new product line is added in the CHB ‘s product porfolio- coffee syrups in six different flavors.
    -CHB/VITOM launches in the retail market 3 juices with pomegranate as a main ingredient and 3 organic juices under “Christodoulou Family” brand.
  • 2015 -CHB proceeded with a significant investment in Koufalia, Thessaloniki. The company extended the premises and installed a new production line for the production of canned fruits.




We want to establish our products as the No 1 choice of our customers and strengthen our global presence by adding new, innovative and high quality products.
The main value that dictate all of the company’s activities are:

  • Quality: Our main priority is to offer our customers high-quality products.
  • Cooperation: We place value on effective collaboration since we believe that long-term relations are the foundations of success and constant growth and expansion.
  • Professional Behaviour: We are always working with reliability, responsibility and loyalty, rewarding the trust placed in us by our customers.
  • Respect for the Environment: In every stage of our business we try to operate in ways to protect the environment.




Human Resources

The company’s success is due mostly to human resources, which is an invaluable asset for CHB. By providing very good working conditions and continuing education the company tries to develop its employees to the best possible level so they can contribute to the company’ s prospects for further development.





Concern for the environment is an integral part of CHB’s developing policy. Constant measures are being taken for the least possible effect on the environment as well as the least possible damage of the atmosphere by the company’s plants.

Both of our plants, CHB and VITOM, are equipped with waste water treatment plants, and the installation of solar panels for saving energy has already begun.

Enviromental Policy





CHB- VITOM exports 85% of its annual production to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and America.