According to some ancient traditions, peaches are the fruit of purity and immortality. They are sweet and fragrant reminders of the summer. Peaches contain a significant amount of Vitamin C, fruit sugar, protein and consist of 89% water.

Greece produces about 380.000 tonnes of peaches per year and is fourth in European peach production and eighth in the world. Greece is the largest producer of canned peaches and first in their export.

CHB uses the Golden Clingstone varieties such as Andros, Everts, Loadel and Katerina, which are produced in Macedonia and Thessaly. They are harvested from early July until mid-September.

The main products produced by CHB are:

Golden Peach Puree: Is made from mashed, fresh and mature, Greek peaches, from which the stone and peel have been removed. It is packed in aseptic bags or in aseptic tanks for bulk transportation (in isothermal tank truck).

Peach puree Concentrate: Puree produced from Greek fresh peaches, mature and healthy, which is concentrated according to the required brix degree.

Canned peaches: Are made from fresh Golden Clingstone peaches, cut in halves, in slices or dices packed in tins or glass jars with syrup or juice.

Peach dices: Produced from Greek peaches which are cut with special treatment in dices and are packed in aseptic bags in drums or into tins so their nutritive elements remain intact, without the use of extra preservatives.

Products specifications

Peach pureeMin 9.50.30-0.703.60-4.0010.0-19.0Min 300 ppm Vit C at production  
  • Αseptic bag 220lt in drum

  • Bulk in isothermal tank trucks
Peach puree concentrate30-320.90-2.103.30-4.1012.0-19.0 (10Bx)Min 300 ppm Vit C at production
  • Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum
Peach puree concentrate 20-220.60-1.40 3.60-4.10 10.0-18.0 (10Bx)   Min 300 ppm Vit C at production  
  • Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum
Peach pulp (peach pieces)9 – 11 3.40 – 3.90  pieces of various sizes
  •  Aseptic bag in steel conical drums of 220 lt
Canned peaches   1,5-1-3-3,5-5-5,5 Kg
Aseptic Peach dices4x4x4mm, 6x6x6mm ή 10x10x10mm  
  • Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum
Peach Slices9 - 11 3.40 – 3.90  pieces of various sizes 
  •  Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum
Canned peach dices14x14x14mm ή 16x16x16mm
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg
Peach juice concentrate (clarified)65±12.10-4.503.20-4.00 N/A
  • Turbidity < 4 NTU
  • Pectin test negative
  • Aseptic bag 220 lt

  • Bulk in isothermal tank trucks
Peach juice concentrate
40±11.20-2.803.60-4.2012.0-19.0 (10Bx) 
  • Pulp 2.0 – 8.0 %
  • Min 200 ppm Vit C at production

  • Αseptic bag 220 lt

  • Bulk in isothermal tank trucks
Peach juice concentrate (cloudy) 36±0.5 1.10-1.803.60-4.00
  • Pulp 4.0 – 8.0 %
  • Min 400 ppm Vit C at production
  • Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum

  • Bulk in isothermal tank trucks
Peach fruit preparationAccording to customer requirements
  • Αseptic tank 1000 lt

  • Αseptic tank 450 lt

  • Αseptic bag 220 lt in drum

  • Plastic container 10 lt

  • Plastic container 20 lt
Peach filling for bakery productsAccording to customer requirements
Peach sorbet baseFor more info please send us e-mail  
  • Plastic container 5lt
Peach syrup for ice creamAccording to customer requirements
  • 1 lt bottle
Peach flavor FTNFFor more info please send us e-mail
  • Bulk in isothermal tank trucks

  • In drum

Production schedule


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CHBVoluntary Control System (VCS)
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Mufti of Xanthi
ISO 22000: 2005
VITOMGlobal Standard for Food Safety (BRC)
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