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Highest quality lemons from Greece are used to provide lemonade with a delicious and refreshing taste.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

We offer bases for the production of carbonated beverages, with the delicious freshness and natural twist that consumers love.

Fruit Juice Drinks

We provide the highest quality raw materials and value-adding ingredients that can easily be bottled into delicious, top-selling fruit juice drinks.

Functional Drinks

There is a growing interest for drinks that improve hydration, energy, performance, focus and more. Our solutions enable your products to satisfy customers’ needs.

Productos & Portafolio

Fruit Juice & Puree Concentrates

Fruit Juice Concentrates are the most common and widely used types of juices on the market. They are obtained by removing the water content of the juice, through evaporation, thus offering advantages for storing and preservation. Cloudy or clear juice concentrates are available. Fruit Purees refer to mashed fruits from which the skin and stone or seed have been removed, retaining their initial taste and mouthfeel. Ideal for the production of juices, nectars and smoothies. Single strength and concentrate purees are available.


Beverage Compounds

Compounds are a complete solution that streamlines the production process. They consist of fruit juice/concentrate mixes and flavours, which are sometimes accompanied by other secondary ingredients. We offer compounds for all types of beverages, based on the specific requirements of each market, current trends and consumer profiles.


Fruit Pieces & Cells

We cut peaches into cubes and slices and pack them into aseptic packages, which keep the nutrients of the fruit intact without adding any preservatives. Ideal for fruit preparations and beverage industries.