Applications & Solutions


We offer a wide range of solutions for your baked goods such as orange and lemon juice for delicious cookies or fruit purees for fluffy cakes and muffins.

Sweet Puff Pastry

Sweet and fruity fillings are just a few of the solutions we offer to your sweet puff pastry desserts such as pies, croissants and rolls.


We produce high quality fruit preparations and versatile solutions ideal for adding naturalness to your patisserie. From canned peaches to fruit purees for fillings and jams, we are pleased to discuss your needs.

Product & Portfolio

Fruit Preparations & Fillings

Our Fruit Preparations solutions are used by dairy, baking and ice cream industries. Fruit Preparations can be applied in several dairy and non-dairy applications and can take various forms (fruit pieces, purees and juices). Readymade recipes are available but any tailor-made recipes are also possible based on your unique requirements.

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Fruit Juice & Puree Concentrates

Fruit Juice Concentrates are the most common and widely used types of juices on the market. They are obtained by removing the water content of the juice, through evaporation, thus offering advantages for storing and preservation. Cloudy or clear juice concentrates are available. Fruit Purees refer to mashed fruits from which the skin and stone or seed have been removed, retaining their initial taste and mouthfeel. Ideal for the production of juices, nectars and smoothies. Single strength and concentrate purees are available.

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NFC Juices & Purees

Made directly from fresh fruit, our premium quality NFC juices are pasteurized right after being pressed. The ripe, carefully hand-picked fruits and our gentle processing methods, guarantee preservation of vitamins, minerals and flavors.

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