Applications & Solutions

Spoonable Yogurts

Refine your products with a wide range of both traditional and innovative flavours and preparations.

Drinking Yogurts

Enhance your drinking yoghurts with classic flavours or multi-fruit combinations that will make your products even more distinctive.


Expand your ice-cream menu by adding new suggestions and delicious flavours using our extensive fruit preparations portfolio.

Kids and Baby Yogurts

We offer high quality fruit preparations without inserting pieces of fruit, instead we use fruit purées, which are used for producing yoghurts for kids and babies, in accordance with the international standards for the production of baby food products.

Organic Yogurts

Our solutions include organic yogurts, some of which are specifically tailored for children, in line with the strictest requirements that are guaranteed by highly rigorous controls throughout the production process.

Product & Portfolio

Fruit Preparations & Fillings

Our Fruit Preparations solutions are used by dairy, baking and ice cream industries. Fruit Preparations can be applied in several dairy and non-dairy applications and can take various forms (fruit pieces, purees and juices). Readymade recipes are available but any tailor-made recipes are also possible based on your unique requirements.

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