Applications & Solutions

Bakery & Confectionery

We offer a broad range of fruit flavor fillings, which can help you to enhance the taste and texture of your bakery products.

Juice Bar

Creative ideas for healthy beverages such as fruit juices, smoothies or juice shots to satisfy the needs of your health-conscious customers.

Product & Portfolio

Peach Halves

Handpicked and cut in half by machines in order to preserve the full natural substances of the famous Greek yellow clingstone peaches.

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Peach Slices

Fresh and ripe, cut into Slices that are best served as healthy, ready-to-eat snacks full of Vitamin C or a tasty bakery topping offered in a variety of syrup fillings.

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Peach Dices

Firm natural titbits which have been peeled, pitted and cut into cubes, popular for a wide range of product solutions, which target to serve a health oriented audience that seeks the best from what Greece has to offer.

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