Applications & Solutions

Private Label Organic & NFC Juices

We provide products and services to clients who wish to enter the market with their own name and brand (private label). Organic and NFC juices are available.

Canned Fruits

Handpicked and carefully selected big, ripe and mature Greek Yellow Clingstone Peaches, processed under the most demanding food safety regulations, at the most up to date technological facility in the world.

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Chris Family Juices

We offer a wide variety of high nutritional value vitamin juices and organic juices in Tetra Pak, as well as NFC or concentrated juices in PET bottles.

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Product & Portfolio

NFC Juices & Purees

Made directly from fresh fruit, our premium quality NFC juices are pasteurized right after being pressed. The ripe, carefully hand-picked fruits and our gentle processing methods, guarantee preservation of vitamins, minerals and flavors.

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Peach Halves

Handpicked and cut in half by machines in order to preserve the full natural substances of the famous Greek yellow clingstone peaches.

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Peach Slices

Fresh and ripe, cut into Slices that are best served as healthy, ready-to-eat snacks full of Vitamin C or a tasty bakery topping offered in a variety of syrup fillings.

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Peach Dices

Firm natural titbits which have been peeled, pitted and cut into cubes, popular for a wide range of product solutions, which target to serve a health oriented audience that seeks the best from what Greece has to offer.

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Juice Blends

CHB GROUP uses the highest quality of raw material in combination with the latest technology to provide ready blends and products mixtures for the beverage industry. We are in position to produce any number of fruit combinations or blends in accordance with your specifications.

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Beverage Compounds

Compounds are a complete solution that streamlines the production process. They consist of fruit juice/concentrate mixes and flavours, which are sometimes accompanied by other secondary ingredients. We offer compounds for all types of beverages, based on the specific requirements of each market, current trends and consumer profiles.

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